“HARNESSING THE POWER OF POSITIVE RE-INFORCEMENT” Do you really, really, really, REALLY want to be a winner? If your answer is YES! – read on. If you’re not sure, this is not for you. How does EL DORADO GOLD work for individual sports training? As an ambitious, hard hitting player in just about any sport, there is always something more you can do to improve your game. GOLD can be effective in just about any sport that is based on a bat and ball or even just a ball. How does EL DORADO GOLD work for TENNIS training? EL DORADO GOLD can be placed strategically in those areas that can make a difference between winning and losing a game such as serving an Ace. The objective is to target your GOLD six times in a row (for starters) from the length you would serve, at a speed you would like to serve, and at a height to just clear the net. When you get your six hits, you pat yourself on the back by downloading an achievement certificate from the website and then move on to your next challenge. As you persist, you will notice a consistency of speed and accuracy that you can build on. As EL DORADO GOLD drags you away from the mundane into a self satisfying sense of achievement, you will notice a build in confidence and self esteem in your day to day activities. You will notice new strengths in your personality that can help you in sport as well as your business and career development. AND you will appreciate the value of focus and persistence. Here are some of the other sports that can benefit from EL DORADO GOLD . Remember! Whichever sport you select as your main focus, there is no doubt that proficiency in a number of sports, however unrelated, can help you improve your skills. How does EL DORADO GOLD work for CRICKET training? You’re a FAST BOWLER? We know what you’re thinking! You reckon that if you hit GOLD often enough at better than your usual top speed, you can crack it open and prove that the gold inside is in fact 24 carat pure gold - GO FOR IT! Just remember to pat yourself on the back each time you hit your target and then, each time you get six in a row, download your achievement certificate and add it to your collection as proof of your prowess before you get back to doing it even better. You’re determined to become the world’s greatest FIELDER? EL DORADO GOLD can help get you there. Practice and practice and practice hitting your target at varying distances from a close-in position to miles away and from standing still to racing around in full flight. Each time you hit your target, remember to pat yourself on the back and then, when you hit that magic number of six in a row, download your certificate of achievement from the website before you get back to practicing to do even better. You really, really, really want to be a better SPIN BOWLER than the master? With a little help from your GOLD, and a heap of application, maybe you can. Start by placing your GOLD in a position where you know you can land your ball and get it to spin far enough to hit the wicket. Now practice bowling just one inch past the target until your ball spins enough to hit the wicket. Each time you hit the wicket from a slightly increased position, pat yourself on the back. AND, when you hit those stumps six times in a row, make sure to download your certificate of achievement from the website and show it off before you get back to the pitch, move your GOLD one inch further away, and start all over again. Can’t you just imagine the look on the batter’s face as they turn around to see timber bouncing all over the place?! Line and length, Line and Length, LINE AND LENGTH EL DORADO GOLD can be your best buddy in your drive to perfect your line and length. Just place your GOLD. Bowl and hit the target. Pat yourself on the back. Keep bowling. Hit the target six times in a row. Download your certificate of achievement from the website. Admire it and then get back to perfecting your LINE AND LENGTH to do even better numbers. Great BATTING is a result of controlling the ball and placing it exactly where you intend it to go regardless of the direction from where the ball comes from. To improve your control of the ball, place your GOLD anywhere on the field of play, get someone to bowl or throw the ball to you and attempt to play the ball so that it goes on to hit the target. Keep moving your position to ensure that all angles change continuously to provide better training opportunities. Each time you hit the target, give yourself a big ‘High Five’ and then keep going until you hit your target six times. When you do hit the six shot mark, get onto the website and download your certificate of achievement. Allow yourself to gloat for a short while and then get back to your bat to try for better numbers. How does EL DORADO work for GOLF training? You can’t dig a hole in the office reception area so stop scheming. It just ain’t going to happen! What’s the alternative? - EL DORADO GOLD. GOLD is your personal caddy, best buddy, coach, competitor, fan base and, of course, your ‘go- anywhere’ personal putting green and, what the heck, even your own golf course. GOLD works on a system of self congratulation and reward. When you hit the target once, you get to call yourself ‘not bad at all!’ When you hit your target six times in a row, you get to call yourself ‘GREAT’! After that, you get your certificate of achievement off the website and then get back to training your putting skills in the office corridor so you can get to be even greater. How does EL DORADO work for SOCCER training? Boots on and let’s get this party started! Remember! You are never a ‘perfect’ soccer player. You must keep practicing and trying and then trying and practicing over and over again to becoming the very best that you can possibly be. Only then can you become close to perfect. Only then are you worth so much more than you can imagine, both personally and financially. EL DORADO GOLD is your personal soccer coach and your ticket to greatness if you apply yourself. Here’s how the EL DORADO GOLD soccer training system works – First you place your GOLD anywhere on the playing field. You start from a static position and kick the ball till you hit your target. You get a cheer when you get a direct hit and a pat on the back. Then you keep trying till you get six hits in a row and you get to download your certificate of achievement from the website to show off to the soccer world. After this it’s back to the playing field to get even better results. You can’t miss! Does EL DORADO work for ABILITY sports? EL DORADO can improve playing skills in just about any sport that has a ball as its focus. This includes sports such as HANDBALL, RACQUETBALL, BASEBALL, CRICKET, TENNIS, GOLF and, of course, FOOTBALL. Whilst we understand that EL DORADO can be used to incentivize ability sports, we are, however, not yet adept at providing solutions to specific needs. Ability is a sensitive area where patronizing and lack of knowledge can be dangerous traps. We are keen to expand our knowledge and to assist in designing training mechanisms for all abilities. Tell us about your own training needs and / or the needs of your sporting organization and we’ll try our very best to tailor a system to suit. WE LOVE MAKING ALL KEEN PLAYERS INTO GOOD PLAYERS AND GOOD PLAYERS INTO GREAT PLAYERS and even greater human beings. Please contact us
EL DORADO GOLD $300 AUD One off investment includes delivery anywhere (Please allow two weeks to despatch)
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